Driven by the Gospel

Series: Romans

The gospel should drive the passions, affections, decisions, future, etc. of every believer. If the gospel drives us, than Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations should drive us. Romans 15:22-33 reveals Paul's heart for the gospel. We will see how the gospel impacted his life. Let us discover how the gospel should impact our lives as we examine this passage together. 

Speaker: James Shiroma

September 20, 2020
Romans 15:22-33

James Shiroma

Lead Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message

When the gospel drives our purpose
1. Our affection for God's family grows
2. God's work will encourage us
3. We realize we are not alone in the mission

1. Read Romans 15:22-33
2. How was Paul's life impacted by the gospel?
3. Read Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8. How should those two passages affect the way we live, the way we make decisions and how we choose to pursue our future?
4. Read Romans 15:23, Romans 15:24, Romans 15:28. From these verses, what can we say about the way Paul felt about the church in Rome? 
5. Please share personal stories of how you have expressed love and affection for other believers. Or, how have other believers expressed love and affection toward you? 
6. Read Romans 15:26-27. Why do you think the gift from the churches in Macedonia and Achaia was important for the church in Jerusalem? 
7. In what ways has the result of what God did through you encouraged you?
8. Read Romans 15:31-32. Why did Paul ask the church in Rome to pray for him? How should this be an example to us in our times of ministry, trials, and growing in Christ? 
9. How will this impact the way you live this week? 

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